Unique Employee Benefit Ideas to Attract the Best Tech Talents

Stanislav Naborshchikov

Solutions Specialist

How do stimulate your employees to work more efficiently? Promise them a money bonus, right? And people will work overtime, taking time away from their family and friends, skipping going to the gym or theater club... Actually, no. Benefits from industry leaders are much more diverse than banal money awards.

A corporate culture built on values and respect for the employee will be much more successful in attracting talent and maintaining a high level of employee motivation than one built on traditional financial remuneration. This means that the team will be more loyal to the company, will work more efficiently, and bring more profit.

The American job search portal Glassdoor has published the results of an internal study of buns from 20 top employers based on employee reviews. You won't believe what is included in the social package of SalesForce, American Express, or Airbnb — and 80% of employees are ready to refuse a salary increase for the sake of such buns!

Numerous surcharges and services for young parents from American Express

American Express offers up to 5 months of fully paid maternity leave to both young parents. In addition, mothers are provided with an additional 6-8 weeks of paid health leave after childbirth. And a young family is also paid for the services of a round-the-clock breastfeeding consultant, and if the mom has to go to the office to work, her expressed milk is taken home to the child for free.

Lavishly paid maternity leave at Netflix

Netflix gives both moms and dads a fully paid decree for 1 year, after which they can return to work full-time or part-time and are entitled to time off for family reasons for another year.

Paid time for volunteering in Salesforce

Salesforce respects the desire of employees to engage in volunteer projects, which is popular in the Western world. The company provides staff with 6 days of paid leave in addition to the main time and gives an additional $ 1,000 for transfers to charity annually.

Payment for infertility treatment on Spotify

Spotify gives employees 6 months of paid maternity leave, and if a couple fails to have a child, it pays for infertility treatment and egg freezing procedures. After leaving the decree, employees can choose a convenient mode of work for them.

Free and diverse NFTs

In Mobile Reality, we’ve developed an NFT reality platform that aims to generate tokens for employees by companies that employ these employees. Token generation can take place as a one-time benefit during the course of cooperation between employees and the company and can take place cyclically referring to events in the company, projects, and stages of development of the company. The platform is currently in its initial phase. Therefore, the most important element for generating NFTS is the graphic element. We also give our own employees unique and diverse NFTs, which they can collect, exchange and sell.

Paying for Airbnb travel

The Airbnb platform for ordering hourly accommodation around the world encourages the desire of its employees to travel. To do this, employees are paid $2,000 annually to travel around the world, provided that they live in real estate serviced by the company. Thus, the team can personally experience the quality of the company's services, save money and see every corner of the globe!

Surcharges and services for young parents on Pinterest

Pinterest provides 3 months of paid maternity leave for both parents, with the possibility of choosing a flexible schedule at the end of the decree and 2 free consultations on the development of an individual program to return to the work schedule.

Paying for a healthy lifestyle in Eventbrite

Eventbrite promotes a healthy lifestyle among its employees, paying them $ 60 a month for any sports procedures, from the gym or peeling to wiping with juices.

Acupuncture sessions and public speaking classes on Twitter

Twitter is widely known for its buns for employees, such as three meals a day in the office at the company's expense. Among the less well—known buns from this company are acupuncture sessions and public speaking classes for employees. At the same time, improv classes are needed not only to teach a person to express their thoughts better — but also to help form a more self-confident, purposeful, and motivated personality.

A complete break from Adobe

Adobe stops working for a week in December and during the summer so that employees can have complete rest with their families at Christmas or during the holiday season.

Payment for sports programs in Microsoft

Microsoft pays its employees an additional $800 annually to pay for a gym or fitness club.

A successful culture is built on values

As you can see, the monetary component is present in many of these buns. But pay attention to how different they are from the banal “here's a bonus to your salary, do what you want.”

Instead, you hear “we want to help you become healthier, more confident, see the world, spend more time with your family — that's the money for it.” In other cases, the company provides the necessary services, saving employees from having to search independently and take risks. These are the conditions of a corporate culture focused on problem solving and assistance in employee development.

The main part of such buns is related to helping young families since Western companies prefer to build long-term fruitful relationships with their staff. After all, if a young family knows that pregnancy will not lead to job loss, that they have 2 weeks a year in addition to vacation, and that it is possible to travel around the world at the expense of the company, the company will take care of their physical health and personal growth — such companies will be given preference when choosing a job. This is especially true now when the majority of employees are millennials, who change employers much more easily compared to older generations.

And what benefits do you offer for your employees?